US Home Schooling Association Concerned About Draft Guidance

The Home School Legal Defence Association Attorney for the US Global Outreach Department , Mike Donnelly, has responded to the Welsh draft guidance. Calling the guidance “concerning” and pointing out several flaws, Donnelly advised the Welsh education officials in writing to go back to the drawing board.

The HSLDA have also recently published an article, Welsh Government Takes Aim at Homeschooling, which focusses on the draft guidance. However, it also draws international readers.’ attention to the wider threat to home education freedom throughout Great Britain.

The article mentions our fund-raising campaign and the resulting legal opinion which we sent to all Welsh AMs.

Importantly, it also compares the planned Bill in the Isle of Man, which it calls a “Restrictive Proposal,” to the draft Welsh guidance. Those unfamiliar with the proposals in the draft new Manx Education Bill, will find this recent update from The HE Byte helpful – Isle of Man Bill Delayed Amid Legal Controversy.

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