Consultation closes today

Today, 13 May 2020, ends the consultation on the draft children’s education database regulations. Please remember to respond by the end of today. Details of how to respond can be found here.

We have been liaising with Local Health Boards and other health professional bodies many of which were unaware of the draft regulations and have encouraged them to reply to the consultation.

The Scottish Home Education Forum have submitted their own response to the consultation and the same can be accessed here. In their response they said:

The UK Supreme Court disposed of a similar scheme in Scotland [the named person scheme], describing it as totalitarian, and since it is parents who have the duty to educate children in the compulsory years, there must be strong justification for gathering and sharing personal data on law-abiding citizens without their prior informed consent.”

You may want to have a further look at their website, which is very informative.

Many thanks

Protecting Home Education Wales

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