Open letter to the Education Minister

Protecting Home Education Wales are pleased to support the open letter to the Welsh Education Minister, Jeremy Miles, from Families First in Education – Wales asking him to engage fully with the submission to rebut the Children’s Commissioner’s interpretation that UNCRC demands a register of EHE children and for them to “be seen” by the State employees.

Families First in Education – Wales are passionate about the rights of parents to decide how our children are educated. They intend to advocate for parental primacy in education, and to preserve the freedom of families to make choices about the best interests of our children.

We are delighted to have another group in Wales joining the campaign and hope all home educating families in Wales will give them support and sign the open letter found on their website.

We understand that The HE Byte will also be publishing an article later today in support of FFiEW and their open letter to the Education Minister. Now published.

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