Consultation closes today

Today, 13 May 2020, ends the consultation on the draft children’s education database regulations. Please remember to respond by the end of today. Details of how to respond can be found here.

We have been liaising with Local Health Boards and other health professional bodies many of which were unaware of the draft regulations and have encouraged them to reply to the consultation.

The Scottish Home Education Forum have submitted their own response to the consultation and the same can be accessed here. In their response they said:

The UK Supreme Court disposed of a similar scheme in Scotland [the named person scheme], describing it as totalitarian, and since it is parents who have the duty to educate children in the compulsory years, there must be strong justification for gathering and sharing personal data on law-abiding citizens without their prior informed consent.”

You may want to have a further look at their website, which is very informative.

Many thanks

Protecting Home Education Wales

Consultation extended until 13 May

The Welsh Government has extended the time to respond to the consultation on the draft data sharing regulations until 13 May 2020.

If you have not responded already, please make an effort to respond to the consultation by 13 May.

You will find a copy of the response form here. Once completed please send it to Alternatively you can respond online.

Many thanks

Protecting Home Education Wales

Our response to the Consultation

We have just submitted our response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on the Draft Children Act 2004 Database (Wales) Regulations 2020 and the Education (Information about Children in Independent Schools) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

You can see a copy of our response here.

Please do make an effort to respond to the consultation by 22 April 2020.

A copy of the response form is found here and once completed it will have to be sent to

Draft regulations breach human rights and are unlawful, confirms QC

David Wolfe QC provided Protecting Home Education Wales his legal opinion on The Children Act 2004 Education Database (Wales) Regulations 2020 (draft) and found that, if they become law, they would be in breach of the right to private and family life (Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights) and would be unlawful. Therefore, the regulations should be stopped.

Protecting Home Education Wales is very pleased with the QC’s opinion and very thankful to all who contributed to the fundraising campaign.

We appreciate that everyone’s priority right now is to protect their own families from Covid-19. But if you could make some time please try to respond to the consultation by 22 April 2020.

We should be mindful that eventually, and hopefully soon, Covid-19 will pass and we will go back to our “normal” lives. We would want to make sure that our human rights are not undermined by the Welsh Government. If the regulations are passed they will certainly affect all home educators, so it is important that we stand up for our rights now or it will be too late.

Thank you.

Protecting Home Education Wales

Update on Welsh Consultation

The consultation on the data sharing regulations ends on 22 April 2020; please remember to respond. In that regard, please also read the latest article by The HE Byte.

Other news:

We have written to the First Minister of Wales expressing our concerns on the irregularities of the Table Talks Workshops (see our previous post).

We have also submitted our response to the Petitions Committee in relation to the petition to withdraw the guidance on home education.

Finally, we have received the legal advice from the QC on the data sharing regulations and will soon be publishing an update.

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